State of Dapps-Industry Report: November 2018


10 months ago
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November State of Dapps has been an interesting month for the crypto-world so far, to say the least with the “hash wars” going on and the crypto market going down as a whole. However, let’s forget about all the fiasco for now. Today we are going to present to you the state of Dapps as of November 22, 2018. We are going to take our data from the following websites:

State of Dapps Platforms Statistics

Before we get into the individual Dapps, let’s see how some of the Dapp platforms are doing. We are going to look into:

  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • POA

State of Dapps: November 2018

Ethereum has far and away the highest number of Dapps and contracts. However, EOS seems to have the highest number of daily active users, daily transactions, and daily volume.

Dapp Categories that are ruling the roost

State of Dapps: November 2018

As usual, exchanges seem to be the ones enjoying the highest amount of monthly active users and monthly transactions. However, when it comes to the total Dapps in that ecosystem, it seems like the Gambling category is on top with 490 total Dapps in the system. The Gaming category is a close second with 451 total Dapps. The Finance category seems to have the most number of smart contracts.


Now let’s look deep into the performance both Ethereum and EOS Dapps.

Ethereum Dapps Performance

First and foremost, let’s look at the general daily statistics of Ethereum Dapps.

Daily Statistics

We are going to check the statistics of the following categories:

  • Daily users of Dapps
  • Daily volume of Dapps
  • Daily users by categories
  • Daily volume by categories

The graphs have been calculated from November 1st onwards.

Daily Users of Dapps

State of Dapps: November 2018

The number of daily users in Ethereum Dapps since the beginning of the month has been pretty consistent. According to the graph, the average number of users has been between 9000-10000 with a peak of 11,137 users on 1st November 2018.

Daily Volume of Dapps

State of Dapps: November 2018

When it comes to daily volume, there are two noticeable peaks and two noticeable valleys.

The Peaks: On 8th November Ethereum Dapps experienced peak volume of 18,194.13 ETH. On 20th November, Dapps experienced a volume of 17,020.19 ETH.

The Valleys: The first major valley was experienced on 11th November with 7,646.4 ETH. However, the volume hit a monthly low (as of writing) on 17th November with 6,656.79 ETH.

Daily Users and Volume By Categories (On Ethereum)

In this section, we are going look into the daily Dapp users in the three most popular categories when it comes to monthly transactions:

  • Exchanges
  • Games
  • Gambling

#1 Exchanges

State of Dapps: November 2018

Daily Users Since 1st November

Ok, so let’s start with the most widely used Dapp category in Ethereum.

Peak: 1st November with 4043 users.

Valley: 21st November with 921 users

It looks like the number of users has been pretty consistent apart from the beginning and the end.

Daily Volume Since 1st November

State of Dapps: November 2018

The interesting thing to note here is how both the daily users and daily volume graph of exchanges resembles the daily users and daily volume graph of all Dapps on Ethereum. That’s a true testament of how popular a category Exchanges are.

Peak: 8th November with 14,462.34 ETH.

Valley: 21st November with 2725.97 ETH

Top 3 Exchange Dapps with Maximum Daily Users(since November 1)

State of Dapps: November 2018


IDEX is easily the most popular exchange on Ethereum.

State of Dapps: November 2018

So, what we have here is the daily users and daily volume stats taken from the beginning of November.

Daily Users(green): IDEX had maximum users on 1st November and the least on 22nd November. November 1 saw 1638 users while 22 November saw 706 users. Along with that, the daily user graph had another noticeable valley around 17th and 18th November.

Daily Volume(red): The daily volume graph has a very noticeable peak on 8th November 10,662.63 ETH. The funny thing is that IDEX announced beforehand that they are going to